Thank You For Being My Friend

Sunday, December 11

Sunburst World Promotions Competition

Scottsdale, Arizona

Kierland Resort

Generally I view people as either players or spectators in the game of life.  Usually I like to be a player but today I was genuinely grateful to be a spectator for two of my dear dancing friends, Katie and Randall as they danced their hearts out at the Sunburst competition this weekend.

I met Katie because she is also a student of my instructor, Ivan.  She is the one I mentioned in my first post who has shed 140 pounds.  This was her second ballroom competition and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She has already improved since I saw her dance at her first competition only 3 months ago at the Galaxy Dance Festival in September.

This is Katie (with Ivan).  Isn’t she gorgeous?

I met Randall at the Galaxy competition and it was also his first competition.  He dances with the lovely Nona who I have also taken lessons with on occasion.  He shared with me that the reason he started dancing was for his daughter’s wedding.  When their performance moved the crowd to tears, he realized the power of dance as a form of expression.  He’s been dancing ever since!

Here’s Randall with Nona.  Isn’t he manly?

I realized watching my friends that I was satisfied just being there to support them.  I chose not to dance in the competition for a variety of reasons but was still able to come in the afternoon.  I joined the table and cheered them on.  I felt like I was with my second family and just happy to be there in their presence.

I admit, after watching a few dances and especially when songs I like were played, part of me wanted to jump up and dance.  But sometimes it is great to enjoy others in the spotlight.  I don’t know many other arenas in my life where I am so at peace with this.  Usually I want to stand out in some good way and be recognized.  This day, it was simply amazing to celebrate wins with my friends and love on them.

Plus, if I hadn’t come, I’d have missed out on some of Ivan’s crazy antics.  He is seriously like a puppy dog and always a source of great entertainment.  On this particular day, after his month long sojourn to Bulgaria and getting married and eating all the delicious food available and missing out on so much dance practice, I don’t think his pants were particularly comfortable.  I say this because he unbuttoned his pants after each heat while waiting at the table.  Now to me he looks absolutely great; thin, athletic, fit.  But he must have felt the need to relieve some pressure.

In any case, Ivan proceeded to zip up his pants in the middle of a cha cha heat right there on the dance floor with Katie!  It was the only one she got placed 3rd and we all agree it was probably because of Ivan’s wardrobe malfunction.

I think this sums it up:  Cost of gas to venue, $15.  Cost of admission to Sunburst $30.  Seeing your ballroom instructor have an entire conversation with Bob Powers with his fly down, priceless.

But beyond priceless was spending such special time with my friends.  I even got to dance later that night during the evening session.  Ivan and I did the running man, some break dancing, the Lamabda (my first time learning that one), and even the Roger Rabbit…basically anything and everything besides ballroom.  It was a blast letting loose like that!

I will leave you with a song that sums up the point of today’s post which is dedicated to my friends:

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