The Kind Of Dancer I Want To Become

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Imperial Ballroom Dance Center

Last night was a wonderful night.  I got to hang out with my dear friend Katie, meet new friends, eat a delicious catered dinner, and watch fabulous dancing.  What more could a girl want? I even got to dance a little bit myself – always a good thing.

We arrived at the studio which was decorated with tables and chairs around the dance floor, twinkling lights, and stars hanging from the ceiling.  Inna welcomed us inside with genuine excitement to see all the guests.

Some of the premier studio students performed in the showcase as well as Artem and Inna.  The dancing was great!  Decked out in their ballroom gowns, they brought technique, control, intensity, confidence, and the hours of practice invested to bear.  It was wonderful to see people I dance with in group classes at their very best.  Most of the students have achieved some Pro/Am title or another, and one couple was even a finalist in world competition.  Yowza!  What a treat to get to see them dance.

I also loved watching Artem and Inna perform.  Inna, especially, is very expressive.  I experience her as feeling every movement.  She fills every second of space with both movement and emotion.  She is a powerful, beautiful, engaging, strong, and expressive dancer.  It seems to me she feels free to express herself so openly in the safety of Artems arms.  I love watching good dancing!

Oh, and Inna…Katie loves your pink and green dress.  If you ever decide to sell it, I know someone who would buy it!

But I digress.  Seeing Inna dance, it is apparent that she knows exactly who she is.  It reminds me to continue to discover the type of dancer I want to be.  Through interactions with both fellow students and instructors, as well as coaches, I am refining, clarifying, and evolving my vision for the kind of dancer I want to become.  So far, I’ve come up with this:

I am an expressive, feminine, lovely, sexy, dynamic, confident, joyful and connected dancer and partner.

It’s a start.  I’m sure the vision will evolve as I grow.  But one thing I’ve personally decided that I want to really focus on connection as one characteristic that defines me as a dancer.  Of course all partners connect on some level or another, but I am going to explore the unique quality I can bring to the game.

So, I’m curious.  What is your vision of the dancer you are becomming?  I think it something worth pondering.  Probably most dancers don’t want to simply go through the motions but rather to bring their unique light to the surface.  What aspects of yourself will you be bringing to the table?  What will make your dancing, yours?  What will you share of yourself with others through your dancing?

I’m asking myself the same questions.  I’ll be sure to share what I discover along the way with you.


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