A Funny Aside

Bulgarian gaffe #1

As a funny aside, during one of my breathing breaks on a lesson I tell Ivan about my plans for the evening to meet with another of his students who is my friend and also works in the fashion industry to purchase a pair of what she calls, SOS pumps.  I thought SOS meant help, and in regards to my fashion sensibilities, yes I do need some help, but she opened my eyes to a completely new defnition.  I’m going to be sharing a blog post about this entire story so I won’t ruin it now, but in any case, the pumps are going to be out of my comfort zone and probably crazy, like leopard print or red.

Ivan asks me where we will go shopping for them.

“Probably a boutique?”

“I don’t know, Ivan.  It is up to Katie.  She knows about all that fashion stuff.”

“Well, they gonna be unique.” Only the way he pronounced it, I didn’t understand.  It sounded like “You Nick.”

“Huh?”  Then I busted up laughing.  He said it like, “eunuch.”

“Ivan!  You have to say that differently.  It means something very different if you say it like ‘You Nick.’  You have to say it like ‘You knee-k”

“Oh, thank you Stefanie.  I have to learn this.”

So funny.  Random, but makes me chuckle.

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