The Power Of Dance

As a dancer, I consider the body to be watercolor paint, calligraphy letters, or an ounce of liquid gold.  We dancers live, breathe, dream, stretch, and push beyond sanity to maybe, somehow, possibly, for one-moment-in-time, brush the face of perfection.

This desire lives in me for it moved me to waltz at a weight of 313 pounds.  It motivated me to put on heels and not only attempt to walk in them, but to create a rise and fall motion.  Besides the power of dance, what else could possibly fuel me as I sweat and strive and work to the point of fatigue; I am sore every day and my feet swell so that I ice them each night.  Yet still, I continue to dance for I must dance.

You see, I have discovered that my heart for dance has a breadth and profundity that surprises even me.  In calm still moments I can hear its voice ever calling.  Usually drowned out by the dizzying tornadoes and miniscule dramas of my life, it lately it strikes me that I am not fully alive or present in every moment of my life yet I always and acutely feel this vitality when I dance.

I have now embarked on a journey deep to center of self that will transform me as surely and completely as the caterpillar is metamorphosed into the butterfly.  I know that my heart is coming to life with each Samba and Quickstep.  My body is healing with each Cha-Cha and Salsa.  I feel my spirit nourished with each Rumba and Tango.  And now that I’ve had a taste of this vivacious-ness, my soul cries out, “I want to be alive in all of life!”

My message is this – don’t wait!  Dance now!  Dance how you are in this very moment!  Don’t wait until you lose the weight/have the time/feel okay and on and on and on.  Life is what happens when we making plans.  Don’t you see?  Dancing is what will get us to lose the weight/have the time/feel okay!  It is the process, the vehicle.  Don’t delay one more second.  Live your life playing the starring role.  Go out and be your true and extraordinary self regardless of how current circumstances appear.

The power of dance is that it reminds me the only place of power is in the now.  We are all one quality decision away from changing our lives.  And who knows…it could be the result of saying yes to a dance class.

3 thoughts on “The Power Of Dance

  1. 101in2012 says:

    Your words are really powerful here. I think so many of us constantly say to ourselves that we’ll wait to do when we lose weight… why not do it now? Why do we let our weight hold us back so much? I have friends who have been talking me into taking a Balinese traditional dance class forever and I’m scared to death because they’re all so thin. Maybe I’ll think about it.

    • loveablestef says:

      I say GO FOR IT! I looks to me like 2012 for you is a year of getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things in this world. I’ve never even heard of traditional Balinese dancing….sounds super exotic! And who knows, you may absolutely love it. Then again, it may not be your cup of tea, but it could still be a valuable life experience or a funny story. Also, if you go with friends, they will be there to support you and encourage you, regardless of your size. Mine sure do. They see who I am and then encourage me to keep dancing, which will help me lose the weight. If not now, when? What will it take for you to say yes to this amazing opportunity in your life? Remember that the class is for you, your experience, not for anyone else. I had to think that way the first time I stepped into a gym. It is your life, your experience, no one else’s – so go out and sieze the day. Nobody on their death bed ever says, gee, I wish I had waited longer to start dancing/singing/taking class/whatever. I think they say, why didn’t I start sooner! Hugs Miss 101in2012. I’m rooting for you. -Stef

  2. Just one word “SUPERB”

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