“Dress” Rehearsal

I continue to be amazed by the experiences I’m having because of starting this blog.

You all remember Ellen, right?  She’s the one I wrote about in this post.

Well, she’s borrowing my dress for an upcomming competition and she sent me a video of her dress rehearsal.  You get the double entendre, right?  I want to share it as a teaser for what’s to come.  She’s promised me photos and/or a video plus a blog post about her competition experience and I can’t wait!

You can watch her sassy Tango here:

Also, I just found out my friend Ghada, who you can see dancing here:

started her own blog about ballroom dancing.  It’s called, “They Call Me Legs” and here is the link: http://theycallmelegsdotcom.wordpress.com/

She dances in Inna’s butt-kicking class on Tuesdays alongside me and I’m impressed at her progress in such a short amount of time.

In other news, Ivan and Marieta will be competing at the Vegas Open Dance Challenge this Friday, March 2nd.  Me and my friend, Ivonne, are going to drive out there Friday afternoon to come see it.  So, if you will be there, please cheer on my favorite couple and even come and say hello!  Their heat is scheduled to begin at 10:29pm but doors open for the evening session at 7pm.

If you are interested in them, you can check out the fan page I made for them on Facebook here.

Lastly, team Dance Starz rocked the Tucson Dancesport Jam yesterday, Saturday, February 25th.

From left to right we have Billy Jones, Iller Hardy, Holli Christiensen, Joe Eros, Ivonne Ward, and Scott Wheeler.  It was the first competition for Iller, Holly, Joe, and Ivonne and from what I hear, they had an absolute blast.  Iller was dancing on her birthday!  What a great way to spend it.  Coincidentally, it will Ivonne’s birthday when we go watch Ivan and Marieta!  They all did great and I’m super excited to read about the experience as Ivonne has promised me a guest blog post!  According to Ivonne, it was a “magical” day and when I asked her if she was addicted like me to competitive ballroom she replied, “Girl… This is a sickness and the only cure is more dancing…”  True dat!  Way to go team!

So, even though the title of this post is “Dress” Rehearsal, I realize that in life there are no dress rehearsals.  All that is, is right now, this very moment.  There are exciting things happening in my life and the life of my dancing friends and community.  I hope you’ll choose to stay tuned as our stories continue to grow, blossom, and unfold.

3 thoughts on ““Dress” Rehearsal

  1. Shalona says:

    Wow! Ghada is amazing! I am going to have to look into dance classes here in town that Rob and I can do together. I so miss dancing like that. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.

  2. ghadaboulos says:

    You are such an amazing person Stephanie, thank you for the honor to include me in your blog. that is amazing. and I like your blog and writing looking forward to read more and see you Tuesday !!! INNA INNA!!

  3. You have a great dance community 🙂

    What level is Ghada dancing at? I can see that this isn’t bronze, but was wondering if this is gold or silver–haven’t seen enough examples of the two to be able to tell the difference.

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