ABDC Episode 2

Okay. Let’s just jump right in. Another late night for me.

I feel like the energy was overall lower in the opening number with all the groups than it was last week.

Just a side note…why do all hip hop dance crews feel the need to spell things funny? I’m just sayin’…..

But first up is Elektrolytes…and they are from ARIZONA! Woo Hoo! Already I have an affinity for them. As their number progresses, I become a bigger and bigger fan. They has some excellent moments, and they kept me interested throughout the entire number. Yes, it took a bit for the routine to build from the first beat, but there were so many surprises that I was shocked with ‘Lil Mama and J.C. bashed them, but thrilled that D-Trix “absolutely loved the routine.” He “….loved everything about it.” C’mon people, Flo Rida liked them too! And they already had a setback with one member down with a knee injury but to me the group still had complete cohesion and synchronicity. They had some really sharp moments and unexpected tricks. Overall, so far, I’m a fan.

Commercial break and what is next?

Rated Next Generation. Weird name. I don’t get it. Made up of little kiddoes. They claim their “thing” is precision. Let’s see.

I think they are excited. They seem a little frantic in their dancing to me. Okay. Not bad. But also not uber-impressed. Let’s see what the judges think…

‘Lil Mama didn’t say much but boy does she look wan and thin.

J.C. took the opportunity to coach them. I agree they seem older when dancing.

D-Trix…good choreo, but stunts/illusions are not their strengths.

Flo Rida – blown away…has to check ID’s.

Okay, so I think the judges generally agree with me….good, not great. They were coaching the team on how they could become better.


Next up, club dancers who have been in a car accident that they survived.

Collizion crew with a big huge jump and boxer short exposure and some very sharp movement. I think the kiddie group needs to take some notes watching this team. So far, the best of the night. Amazing tricks, good illusions, and in sync with sharp, defined, precise movement. Loved the down and dirty movement with athleticism, and they are great, as J.C. said, at playing to the crowd. Love. Stronger, I hate to say, than the AZ team. Mac Daddy.

More stupid commercials and my new best friend is the fast forward button. On the other side of this break we have….

History-making Mexican crew, Funkdation.

Wow. They speak impeccable English. The gymnast gal looks cool…too bad her flip in the actual routine was a little underwheliming to me. I hate to say that…but it looked kind of low and didn’t have the explosive energy she showed on the prep reel. boo.

Anyways, loved the opening “leg piano.” Good energy. Fun group dynamics – they have great interplay between team members. Wish it was a little bit sharper. I give them props for doing the locking, wacking, and popping as per D-Trix’s comments. Still, left me wanting a little something more. Perhaps J.C. was right in that it didn’t look entirely effortless. But love the emotion they have behind being there.

Another commercial break. Sheesh!

Final crew is dance teachers! Let’s see….hmmmm. Mos Wanted Crew from LA. “A brotherhood of choreographers.”

M.O.S. – Movement Over Sound style movement. Never heard of it. Let’s see what they mean.

Good stuff! Sharp. I enjoy and appreciate the quality of dancing off the bat. Cool pump up trick. I’m bobbing my head. Go team! Very cool with the hands creating drama. Favorite of the night so far. For sure. Slam! As D-Trix says…the “defniniton of great dancing.” Amazing movement for sure. Not what they are doing but how they are doing it. I agree. For once J.C. and I agree…the producers saved the best for last. Flo Rida even took off his “shades” in homage to their performance. I hope the AZ team makes it through tonight!

Again, more damn commercials. Who will be in the elimination?

I can’t believe Rated Next Generation made it through. Yikes! I think it is because they are kids. Like the Jersey Boys from a previous season with their airbrushed abs painted on. Gimmicky. Cringe.

Anywhoo…glad Electrolytes made it through (from AZ).

So, Mix’d Elements and the Mexican team, Funkdation are up to battle.

Let’s see how it goes….

I think both teams needed more unity. They both had moments when they were not hitting the same lines. They also both got better and the energy rose over the course of the dance. Overall, I think I side with Funk Nation. Glad they made it through…and I think they have a lot of work to do to get up to the level of Mos Wanted Crew.

Alright. Good night!

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