Pick Up Chicks Here!

If you didn’t know, Ivan has chickens.  So when I saw a sign at the Feed Store by my house proclaiming, “Pick Up Chicks Here!” with a picture of a cute yellow chick-a-dee, I thought to myself, “Self, you should get some chicks for Ivan.”  Why? I don’t know.  I have no experience with chicks or chickens, but it seemed like a little adventure of sorts so on my way home from my lesson yesterday as I passed the sign for the 50th time, I made a U-turn and plucked up my courage and walked in the door.

“Hello.  I’m interested in some chicks, but I have no idea what I need to do to keep them alive for 24 hours until tomorrow when I can give them to the person I want to give them to.  Can you help me? Oh, and how much are the chicks?’

They were very helpful.  Turns out the chicks were a mere $4 each, but the feed, the heat lamp, and the water dish cost a bit more.  Still, probably a good investment if the apocalypse happens.  I guess chicks need to be kept warm, at a minimum of 80 degrees.  The people at the store were kind enough to give me a reasonable sized box to house the chickies overnight.  I happily made my purchase, the proud new owner of a Leghorn chick which is yellow and will grow into a white chicken like Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes and is supposed to produce white eggs, and a brown chick called a Long Island Red which will produce brown eggs.  Both were guaranteed to be hens and if they do turn out to be males, well then I can bring them back for an exchange!  How about that?

I didn’t know if this would be a welcome gift for Ivan or not, because I think he normally purchases adult chickens.  I didn’t know if he has raised chickens from chicks in the past but I do know he has his new horse property so he’d have a place for them to live happily.

The chicks were dang cute!  And they make the cutest little peeping noise – not annoying at all.  And not loud enough to torture my dogs.  In fact, the dogs were pretty disinterested in the chicks once I put them behind doors.  I kept them in my bathroom overnight.  And, of course, I had to play with them a little bit!  The Leghorn chick was feisty!  She flew atop the water dish and the out of the box!  The brown one was more passive.  Both enjoyed sitting on my shoulders.  I have to admit, it made me think that it’d be cool to have a bird, like a cockatiel as a pet.

I told my friend Colette about my hatching my plan (pun intended) and she was so excited about the whole thing, she came to see how Ivan would react and to take pictures of the chicks.  When I came to my lesson and brought the chicks in a closed box along with the heat lamp and food and water dish while Ivan was finishing up with another student.  So I waited patiently until the lesson ended.  But I think Colette was about to jump out of her skin with excitement.  She wanted to pluck those chicks out of the box right away!  But she contained herself to not ruin the surprise.

I had told Ivan I had a surprise for him but who could ever guess they’d be getting a pair of chicks as a surprise?

Luckily, when the lesson concluded, Ivan came over and I gave him the box.  He was absolutely thrilled!  It was a total success!  He was like a mother hen with them!

But there was one problem.  What should the chicks be called?  What were their names?

Ivan easily solved the problem.  The blond chick would be Colette.  The brown chick would be Stefanie.

So here’s a picture of Stefanie and Colette the chickens, and Stefanie and Colette the people.  Hee hee!

As if Ivan wasn’t already enough of a chick magnet? Lol.

The end.

11 thoughts on “Pick Up Chicks Here!

  1. Aurora says:

    Oooo!!!! Baby chicks!!!!!! 🙂 Aren’t they the BEST????!!!! XD

    I grew up with chickens…Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, Leghorns, Plymouth (Barred) Rocks, Aracaunas (blue, green and pink eggs, anyone?!)… I even have a Brahma/Cornish cross pet chicken, named, Dale, who would come when I called her, and hop in my lap and snuggle her beak in the crook of my arm and croon. I miss chickens–and ESPECIALLY, baby chicks! 🙂

    • loveablestef says:

      Wow! You have lived a varied and exciting life! Chickens too!?!? Very cool. They were so fun today.

      • Aurora says:

        Hehe–grew up in the country. 🙂 EVERYONE had chickens! 🙂 (And I had a typo on in there–I USED to have a pet chicken named Dale–but that was long, long ago. Today, I just daydream about finally settling down again in the country, and having chickens once again. :))

  2. Debbie says:

    That is the cutest story, ever. What a great & thoughtful gift(s). Loved the pictures, too. You have got such a great friendship & that is really important in communication. Gee, two cute chicks from a very considerate, fun & hot dancing chick. Way to go!

  3. cc says:

    Two hot chicks with two hot chicks. What a deal!

  4. You are just the nicest person!

  5. Toni T. says:

    My parents have chickens….Bernadette, Henrietta, Alfreda, Gloria (because she almost died as a chick so my mom named her after Gloria Gayner who sang “I will survive”), and Ellie May. We get brown and green eggs. My 2 and 4 yr old boys LOVE them!

  6. Alaina says:

    I was born and lived in Jakarta, Indonesia until I was six. We, too, had chickens. Some of my favorite memories were playing with the little chicks. So cute!

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  8. Colette Marotto says:

    Toni’s mom is hysterical. Gloria Gaynor song? Classic! And Stef, have I told you today Iove you? Best gift EVER!

  9. […] to go on a pontoon boat for a few hours this past Sunday with my friend Colette (featured in this post) as well as my friend Ghada, and also Ivan and Marietta.  OMG!  It was SUCH a good time.  And […]

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