Project Kindness

My dearest readers and cyberspace friends, I need your help!

As you know by now, I’m going to the Desert Classic DanceSport Competition.  Depending on when you joined the bandwagon, you may or may not know the entire story why.

The short version is that I met Irina Suvorov and she invited me.  Well, she invited everyone at the table, but I accepted the offer.  She and another judge joined our table at dinner during a past competition because we were laughing loudly and “appeared like we were having the most fun.”  Basically, we were the most fun table.

Irina was lovely and we shared a nice conversation.  I befriended her on Facebook and liked the page for the Desert Classic Competition so I could stay up to date on the latest developments for this competition I was planning to do.  But I didn’t seriously expect her to actually remember me.  Well, I guess she did!

I think this speaks to what I am discovering about this lovely lady peripherally through various interactions online as well as that one fun conversation we shared almost nine months ago.  It is my experience that Irina really cares about others and I think this is especially demonstrated in a new project she has come up with that will be sponsored by the competition.  Basically here are the details:

PLEASE READ ABOUT “PROJECT KINDNESS.” The Desert Classic is giving “kindness awards” to recognize good deeds. We’ve experienced much kindness from others in our lives and are grateful for the blessings. We finally decided to do something about it and are calling it “Project Kindness” The plan has one simple goal: to encourage people to do something nice for someone else. There are many ways to accomplish this. Here are some ideas … buy a friend a ballroom ticket, donate a pair of shoes to a child, pay for a solo video for someone, give some sort of surprise to a friend or loved one … or anything else you can think of. We also want to hear about what you want to do so we can recognize it. (Of course, if you prefer, you may remain anonymous.) We simply want to find a way to encourage good deeds in our community—and to bring smiles to peoples’ faces. Shortly after we started thinking about this project we received a call from someone who wanted to give 20 surprise entries to a loved one. Soon after that, we received an email from someone who wants to give away books to kids on Sunday during junior events. And another person said they are planning to do something special for someone. If you have an idea about a kindness you’d like to bestow on someone, please post a private message on the Desert Classic Fan Page or on our personal Facebook pages. Please pass this on to the community by clicking “share.” Thanks, Igor & Irina.

Incidentally, Igor Suvorov happens to be one of Artem and Inna’s main coaches.  Ballroom is a small world, huh?

Anyways, I don’t necessarily want to win a kindness award, though that would be cool, I just want to participate and participate BIG!  I mean, is there any other way I’d care to do it?  Nope!

This is where you all come in!  I need ideas!  How can I spread some kindness?  What could I do on the blog, in my life, or at the competition that would be worthy of Project Kindness?  I think it is an amazing opportunity to support the ballroom community that I love, and make my little corner of the world a little brighter and more loving.

Here’s what I already know…I’ve experienced an abundance of kindness from all of you during my blogging journey thus far.  I’ve made some genuine connections and have received fountains of support, encouragement, and shared lots of fun.  It’s time to pay it forward.  How can I best do that?

Also, if you know anyone who is going to the Desert Classic DanceSport Competition, please share this information about Project Kindness with them.  You can click here to read more about it.

Alright dearies.  Another late night.  Another early morning.  But you know, I get to dance with this guy:

I guess it’s worth waking up for!   Ha ha!  Makes you want to take some dance lessons, huh?

TTFN, Stef

4 thoughts on “Project Kindness

  1. Marian Condon says:

    Stef – At the last Arthur Murray comp I attended, we were encouraged to sign up for a Secret Santa-like gift bag project. Those who participated got the name of another participant from one of the 3 area studios and then had to think of approximately $15 worth of goodies to put in the bag. I got the name of a lovely gentleman who is known for his graciousness and kindness in that although he dances primarily with his wife, he also asks single ladies to dance and is patient with and helpful to those who are less skilled than he. Along with candy and nuts and such, I placed in his bag a little handbag mirror with slips of paper in it. The words typed on the slips of paper were as follows: KIND HANDSOME GRACIOUS GREAT DANCER
    GENTLEMAN. I got, in my bag, a little silver angel doll, which sits on my kitchen window sill. Someone must think I’m an angel!

  2. Alaina says:

    I must confess, kindness is one of the things I struggle with. Dance-wise, the kindest thing I could do is dance with a beginner at a social. It’s not that I dislike dancing with them, but I’d prefer to dance with someone that could challenge me. It’s selfish, I know, but dancing with someone new to dancing is the kindest thing I personally can think of doing.

  3. Paragon2Pieces says:

    An opportunity for kindness arose this week when one of the young girls at my studio found out the dress she ordered for Desert Classic was not likely to arrive on time for the competition. Because we are the same size, I offered her my dress as a backup. Hopefully this will help her focus on the dancing and not stress about costuming. She’s a great dancer and I hope this will help her first competition go a little more smoothly 🙂

    Stef – just by writing this post you have helped make an impact!

    • Bravo, Paragon! Way to go! I was the recipient of a phenomenal act of sharing a month or so ago. A women about my height had lost 10 lbs. or so and thought I might be able to wear her some of the duds that are now a size too big for her. They turned out to fit me perfectly and she gave me 3 evening gowns, a Latin costume, many pairs of lovely slacks, and some dresses, skirts, etc. – several thousand dollars worth of clothing, at least. She could have sold a lot of those pieces at consignment shops, but knew I needed a new wardrobe ’cause I’ve lost so much weight. Stef – Won’t it be glorious when you find that you can no longer wear what’s in YOUR closet? Soon!

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