I haven’t Laughed This Much In A While

From the moment I walked into my lesson this morning, I don’t think I stopped laughing.  It was just one of those days where Ivan was like, “Are you marijuana?”  I don’t know why I was so giggly, but you know, it’s a good place to be.  It’s my hope and intention to be this relaxed and happy in a week and a half at Galaxy.  That’s truly my biggest aim – just to enjoy every second.  And you know what, I really think I will.

Anyways, so I burned a CD of ABBA for Ivan (finally) after our road trip to Desert Classic.  He really enjoys those power ballads I guess.  He was happy about it but also wanted more “90’s music.”  I noticed on the table at the studio there was an orange purse and a pair of bedazzled thongs but there was no one in sight.

“Whose are those,” I inquired.

“Mine.” Ivan replied, totally lying to my face.

I came to find out that another of Ivan’s students who will also be at Galaxy was still there, changing in the bathroom.  But dang she was talking a long time.  I asked Ivan, “What is she doing in there?  Is she pooping?”  We laughed but of course then when she did emerge Ivan asked her, “Are you poop?”


Ever since Ivan had putrid breath on a lesson about a week and half ago he’s been a little phobic about it.  So I popped some gum in my  mouth and he asked me if he could have some.  “No fruit gum for Ivan, though.  Only mint.”  Wish granted.  Thank you Extra Spearmint gum.  The reason this is significant is because we were totally hamming it up on the lesson, working on facial expressions and all, and during one particularly animated move involving sticking out his tongue, Ivan lost the gum.  LOL.  Another huge guffaw for me.

Then later, we were doing a West Coast Swing and I had a random hair in my mouth.  I wiped it away and Ivan took the opportunity to make fun of me.

“Oh.  Very nice.  You like wipe your nose while dancing.  Right there in front of the judges.  Oh, but it good because you do it in time to the music.  Very nice.”

While I was doubled over, my sides aching and burning, he then proceeded to re-enact the moment multiple times, causing spastic out-of-control laughter on my part.  He also exaggerated, miming wiping his nose and picking it while dancing.

Those are the main funny moments with details that I can remember.  But it was just a fun, fun lesson.  I sweated a ton, and worked hard, and still, it was great fun.

I think this is my shortest post ever.  Enjoy!

One thought on “I haven’t Laughed This Much In A While

  1. Speaker in Heels says:

    It’s great to hear you have your joy back!

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