I Can’t Wait For The Gold!

Hey All…

I’m not sure what to write exactly. It’s not like anything life-changing or interesting, or even funny has happened. So, what, really, should I write about?

I think I am long overdue for a “topical series” post.

But otherwise….well….

Um, it is same old, same old.

I work. I go to class with Ivan as much as I can (Which is not as often as I’d like because he has had a heavy competing schedule of late) and I go to Inna’s class on Tuesdays for Latin. I have also begun to take a ballet class once again, which is really wonderful in so many ways.

I still need to figure out a way to get the necessary cardio in.

And I need to get weight off.


Well, what else?

I’m dancing. I’m working (to make the $$ to make it possible for me to dance). I eat. I sleep. I show up for those events which are obligatory.

Well, I guess I do have a few things to discuss.  First, I think my next competition will be in May.  We have one here in Phoenix called People’s Choice.  It’s local, and it is a few months away.

Next, I finally got to see the movie I’ve been waiting for for a very long time!  “Ballroom Dancer” about Slavik Kryklyvyy and Anna Melnikova.  It was awesome, but it would be awesome-er if the version available to rent via online streaming had subtitles for all the parts in which they talk in Russian.  I will have to see the movie again with that extra information because I think it will make a lot more sense.  I mean, I get the main idea….that Slavik was trying to make a comeback and he treated Anna pretty crappy and they split, and the dancing in it requires no translation, but still, I think it would make the story more engaging and I want to hear what Slavik is saying when he is teaching class in the movie!  I actually cried watching the scene in which they practice for their last professional show together after they had split.  It was unbelievable, and the emotion behind it, palpable.  In my wildest dreams I dance like that!

Also, I had a funny texting exchange with Ivan.  As you know, I’m trying to pick up some Bulgarian.  I’m steering away from that scary Cyrillic alphabet, so when written using English characters it is all phonetic.  Anyways, I’ve learned “do utre” which means “see you tomorrow.”  So it all began with this:

Ivan: Zdrasti! Utre 6:30am sutrinta (Hello! Tomorrow 6:30 in the morning)

Stef: Da, do utre (yes, see you tomorrow)

Ivan: Niamam tarpenie da te vidia zlato!

Stef: Ne razbiram (I don’t understand) Kak si kasvosh? (What are you saying?)

Ivan: Prevedi si go

Stef: I have no idea what you’re telling me!

Ivan: Transleit

Stef: That is always funny using Google translate…

So when I got home I put in Niamam tarpenie da te vidia zlato!  And Google translate said “I can’t wait to see the gold!”

This didn’t make sense to me so I texted Ivan again:

Stef: What is zlato?  It is the only thing that didn’t translate.  (Thinking that maybe that word was wrong)

Ivan: gold

Stef: Okay, well Google translate said it means “I can’t wait to see the gold!”  Do you want money, Ivan?

Ivan:  Ha ha ha ha…? no make sens end ingles.  I will tel you tomorrow (this is verbatim how he typed it…his spelling is funny!)

Stef: No, it sure doesn’t make sense!

And now I am eagerly awaiting the true meaning of this weird Bulgarian saying.  A lot of Bulgarian sayings don’t exactly translate, from what I understand, into English.

Goldkey logo removed

By Swiss Banker [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Oh, and one more bit of news…I am going to Ron and Karla Montez’s dance camp over New Year’s.  Bree Watson, Decho Kraev, Jim and Janelle Maronto, and Ron and Karla Montez will be teaching over 3 days, and then there will be a show and dinner and open dancing and a champagne toast to strike in the New Year!  I’m excited and I got my final confirmation today in the mail.  I’m excited because I will get to hang with my dancing friends as well as take a little time off work, and learn a ton.  I am especially excited to take classes from Ron.  He is such an amazing teacher and I always enjoy him when I’ve done coachings with him.

Oh, and one other tidbit…tomorrow is the Masquerade Party and Showcase at Imperial Ballroom Dance Center hosted by Inna and Artem.  I can’t wait to go dance and have fun as well as to see the showcase numbers by the students and instructors.  Last year the party was super fun and I’m excited to be going again.  I can’t believe I’ve been dancing there for a year already!

Oh, and another thing (dang, I guess I do have a lot to write about!) I am going to have a lesson with Inna next week.  You see, in her class we always have to do our arms (otherwise known as the bain of my existence).  I look like a stupid cheerleader with stiff straight arms, and/or a hot mess because I can’t seem to coordinate my arms properly.  So anyways, I was really getting frustrated with it and I thought, “Self, there is something you could do to make this better…you could take a lesson specifically to work on the arms used specifically in this class.”  So I did.   So I’m going to learn “Inna arms” so I won’t feel like such a chump during class.  Actually, she did address them a little bit more this last week.  She broke down the movement, and it actually really helped…but I still didn’t like the way it looked on me so much.  So, well, that is in the works.

Now how I am supposed to get the house decorated (The tree is up but naked and boxes of Christmas paraphernalia litter my floor), finish Xmas shopping (I’m sooooo behind), all while working overtime and commuting across the city, and while trying to catch a lesson here and there….well, it’s going to be a giftcard Christmas!

Alright.  I guess that is it for now.  I will let you know about that weird Bulgarian mis-translation thing once I know.

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