How Are You Doing, RockStar?

So since I’m on this mission to transform my body and shed a ton of weight and all, I decided that I might expand the blogs I follow to include those that resonate with me about the weight release process, besides having my usual favorites about dancing.  I think it is important to surround myself with as much support as I can get and I have been so supported in ways I never would have imagined through my blog.

One blog about this process that really resonated with me is called Unbearable Weight, maybe not partly because the authoress is about as wordy as I am (with my 2000 word posts and all lol).  Today she wrote this awesome post that really inspired me.  And it made me think that even though this blog here is about my dancing life, I can’t really separate that out from the rest of my life, and plus I’ve been letting you all in on my health goals and progress (or lack thereof at times), so I thought that since it has been a full week on my new Clean Eating personalized nutrition plan that you might be wondering how it went. I guess Chelle, my nutritionist was wondering the same thing so even though we are meeting in person tomorrow, she sent me an email asking, “How are you doing, RockStar?”

I’m lazy and don’t want to type it all out again (lol) so here was my reply because it pretty much sums up the week:

Hi Chelle,

I’m doing well.  I feel pretty good about how things went this week. I was adherent to the plan and for my cheat meal all I did was eat what I normally would have for the day but had 2 glasses of wine and made that terra pana chocolate dessert you had on your blog.

The only hiccups this week were that my eyes skipped the page and I ate the afternoon snack and dinner for Thursday on Wednesday so I just ate the snack and dinner for Wednesday on Thursday. I hope that is okay to do as I didn’t know if each day is specially planned or if meals are interchangeable across days (though you did say it was okay to switch the order of meals in a day like if I am working out and don’t want to have dinner beforehand but rather do the evening snack instead.) This would be nice to know because there was one night where I wished I had a different dinner and wanted to switch it out but did not because I wanted to be as close to the plan as possible. Having a plan, however, overall, is really working for me.

The other hiccup wasn’t really anything but simply that because I had done my cheat meal Saturday (arbitrarily because I didn’t have a social event planned that I knew of) I was faced with the situation of Cinco de Mayo. We had no plans but took my niece to Build-a-Bear. On the way home I got a call from my brother and they were going to do margaritas and Mexican food with another family and we were invited. Luckily Ty and I had taken separate cars so I just left when the food arrived – which is probably better even if it had been a cheat day because Mexican food and Margaritas are a train wreck waiting to happen. But still, I never considered handling impromptu opportunities. It would have been much harder if I had been trapped there and had to stay.

The last hiccup (as of the time of writing this email) is that I set my alarm wrong this morning. I just happened to wake up at like 7:40 and I had to be at the gym at 8am to work out with my trainer. There wasn’t time to make my omelet (when I had planned to wake up at 7am and have plenty of time to make it and eat) so I grabbed that NoGii bar and had it on the run for breakfast. I wake up hungry now so wanted to eat and couldn’t eat afterwards since I was heading directly to my dance lesson. I did pack my morning snack and lunch so was good to go for that. After my workout I ate the apple and went to my dance lesson. About 3/4ths the way through, after starting strong, I just lost all energy. Toward the last 20 minutes (it was a double lesson so an hour and a half total) I was feeling really irritated and tired. I ate the cheesestick quickly when I realized how tough everything seemed to be getting and afterwards ate the chicken mini loaf. But I feel like my blood sugar might have gotten low and it was tough – my energy was gone, I felt totally drained and I was really feeling crabby/irritated. What snacks can I eat on days I know I will be pushing it hard, that will fuel me properly? Things like the cheese and chicken mini loaf take a bit longer to hit the bloodstream, I would think, because they are mostly protein and fat. And I still have more dancing to do tonight at 8pm.

The other thing I noticed is just like I struggled accepting that 2000 calories daily wasn’t too much to still lose weight, I’m fearful about the cheat meal. I am so focused on my goals, and want to transform so badly, I am afraid to lose any progress. I think I made a nice choice this week with my cheat meal and enjoyed it because it was planned out and because I wasn’t stuffed or feeling guilty or anything like that. However, this week I have two social occasions to choose from – my mother-in-law’s birthday (she wants to go out to dinner) or dinner with my family for Mother’s day. I can’t do both and am choosing to opt out of dinner Wed. night altogether. It is just too stressful and I feel like it is the most nurturing/supportive choice for me. Luckily my husband understands, and I think Debbie gets it but that she is probably disappointed, and that Ty’s dad will be disapproving. I’d much rather take the opportunity to prepare more meals and maybe get an extra cardio session in at the gym so that is what I’m going to do. Then Sunday since it is at home (not a restaurant) I can enjoy the cheat meal and have more control about what I eat. But navigating no social occasions, impromptu occasions, and too many social occasions is challenging. I know this won’t be like this forever, but right now I feel like I need to do whatever it is I need to do to stay on track.

The day-to-day eating is easy. It is even easier since I work from home. I made sure to take more than one meal with me when I went out to the mall with my friend on Saturday and with my husband and niece on Sunday so I could be sure I could buy myself enough time in case we met for longer than 3 hours – which happened both times. So I feel good about staying on schedule regardless of leaving the house or whatever was going on. I ate my celery sticks and peanut butter walking around Fashion Square lol. But leaving the house does take a little more prep.

I guess the only other thing is that I objectively think I did really well this week. You called me a RockStar and I’ve been honest and didn’t cheat or anything. I logged all my food, did all my prep, and basically did what I was supposed to do on the plan as best I could, eyes skipping the page and my alarm not going off notwithstanding, and even in those situations I think I handled them well. As you saw, I’m even down below 240 pounds where I had been hovering around for like 3 weeks. And yet, still, inside of me, I feel like it is somehow not enough. That I should be doing more. That I could always be doing more…and my mind is running, running, thinking… “maybe more cardio, or more weights, or eating less carbs (yeah right! Look what happened on my lesson today – I need those suckers!), or what is that HIIT thing I keep hearing about….and on and on and on.” I’m not exactly sure what to do with this feeling like I should/could be doing more. I’m hungry for change, can you tell?

Even so, last night was the first night I kind of wished I was not on this plan and felt bummed about what my dinner was going to be but it was a fleeting thought and I stuck to it anyways because it feels so much better to be in integrity than to give in and give up. I’ve made progress this week, which is excellent. I guess I am just very eager for the day when my jeans are falling off because they are too big. I am longing for the day when I am proud of my body. I am longing for the day when it is finally my turn to have the before and after picture. I want to transform my body and be bona fide skinny/thin. I want to see if I can actually do it because I never have felt that way ever in my life. I want to see what is possible. I totally get that it is going to take time – that 8 pounds in a month would be excellent and that with as much as I have to lose that it is going to take a while to see a difference, that big difference I’m looking for. And, well, the change can’t happen quickly enough. I have my next dance competition in 16 days. Every little bit of weight I can get off between now and then will help, and I want to show an even more dramatic change for the next competition in July.

In summary: What worked, what didn’t, what next?

What worked?

Me. I worked the plan. I found a substitute for my morning coffee. I responded to situations as they came up and made good decisions. I planned and prepped and packed. Me subbing fresh veggies for steamed veggies, making the tzatiki to replace the cream cheese. Consistency. Logging my food. My committment.

What didn’t?

My alarm clock lol. Still, I recovered making a good choice for breakfast (I think). My eyeballs getting frisky for the next day on the plan. Getting what felt like hypoglycemia during my double lesson. The feeling that I’m not enough. Cauliflower (lesson learned, though).

What next?

I’m not sure. You are the expert! Continue on the same plan or tweak it?

So there you go! The full update. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.



19 thoughts on “How Are You Doing, RockStar?

  1. caraannewilliams says:

    I appreciate the openness and honesty of your post. You’re so generous giving so much of yourself to others. More than that, I love that you gave yourself props about working the plan. And it’s so deserved. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Miles Rayl says:

    Fantastic work Stephanie. I don’t think I could have managed all that stuff. Outstanding. The outings do sound like tough choices are going to have to be made in the future and not everyone is going to understand. You just need to stay true to your goals and you absolutely will reach them I am sure! Great upbeat/positive post!

  3. bgballroom says:

    You are a rock star! LOL. I work with someone who uses that term very liberally. We all do a fond roll of the eyes and give each other that look that says “she says that to everyone. It isn’t a big deal.” But inside I think we are each secretly pleased and walk a little bit taller for a while after hearing it:-)

    How many people have said you inspire them? LOTS! (me included) That alone gives you rock star status, kiddo. Keep it up. And maybe send me a link to the chocolate thingy you mentioned. Sounds fab:-)

  4. Rock star or shining star – you are a definitely a star in my book!

  5. You’re doing great and I am your cheerleader!!! You’re very inspiring for me in my weight loss goals and it seems you have found something that will really work for you and I am eager to hear more!

  6. Shonnie says:

    Stef — I hope I spelled that correctly — I just wanted to speak to your concerns about eating so much. I understand the feeling. When I finally started losing I had been eating 1200 or less calories a day working out like a fiend and still 255 and above. My docs found that I worked out too much and ate too little. I’m down about 80 pounds now — at one point I was down 100 pounds.

    I don’t know if this will work for you or not, but try lifting weights, squats (on a machine if needed) keep blood sugar numbers down and metabolizim high, then add in walking to go with your dancing. I love ballroom by-the-way. 😀

    I gained back some with muscle weight, and some because my meds went wacko on me and we didn’t catch it before I glopped a lovely 30 pounds back. I did get some of it off fast, but am working more on getting my metabolizim up and getting a diet for life or a lifestyle diet … so things are a bit here and there with on weight loss front as I play with my meal plans.

    I’m still wearing size 10 and 8’s so … life’s good. 😀

    • loveablestef says:

      Hi Shonnie! Thanks for your awesome message here. I am still coming to terms with the calorie count but both my nutritionist and trainer say that I have a high energy output with all the activity I do and that I need to fuel that. I basically decided from the start to trust the nutritionist’s plan and the process so when the fear came up it was intense but I still did what I was supposed to do, still ate what was on the plan. Life is good at a size 8-10!!! That is awesome and congrats! Hope to be joining you in that clothing section soon. -Stef

    • loveablestef says:

      Oh, and I forgot to ask the most important questions… long have you done ballroom dancing?! What style do you do? Do you compete?

      • Shonnie says:

        I started about 3 years ago and this last year we were not able to take classes because of working between two locations. I told my hubby the other day that I really miss dancing.

        We stink … so no we don’t compete … but we LOVE it! 😀

      • loveablestef says:

        And that is the most important part, right!? My husband stinks too – so I don’t dance with him! But I stink at golf so I don’t golf with him either lol. Hope you get back to it when you can. What is your favorite dance to do?

      • Shonnie says:

        I love rumba, the tango is fun when my hubby gets a grove, or I get to dance with the instrutor. I can follow if you can lead. ahahaha …

        I think I just like to dance. 😀

      • loveablestef says:

        Nice! I love Rumba, it’s probably my favorite but Tango is probably my least favorite and I think is my worst dance lol! If you can lead, I can sometimes follow….still a skill I’m working on!

  7. Ugh, days that you wake up late are the worst. You end up feeling wrong for the whole day. My sympathies!

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