Dance Anyways!

My guest post on Bare Your Naked Truth! Go like Nicole’s blog 🙂

Nicole Luongo

Guest Post by Stefanie Lein

Hi! I’m Stefanie, otherwise known as the Biggest Girl In The Ballroom. I was fortunate enough to connect with Nicole and we’ve been conversation for a little while since we both love dancing. Plus it turns out we are both writers – and Nicole is a poet as well and I’m just starting to explore poetry. Anyways, we have a lot in common and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to get to know her a little bit better.

In our conversation we decided it’d be a good idea to do guest posts for each other’s blogs. I believe in community and absolutely adore connecting in a meaningful way with people who read my blog. It’s even more fun when they have a blog, too! So I like to get the word out about other great bloggers, other inspiring people, and build a supportive…

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4 thoughts on “Dance Anyways!

  1. Hi stef… Your day is today to write about your awakening experience… looking forward to reading… love barbara x

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