And Now, A Special Guest

My guest post on Facing Diagonal Wall:

Facing Diagonal Wall

Hello Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, one of my posts was accidentally reblogged by Stefanie at Biggest Girl in the Ballroom.  Through a series of emails, she discussed wanting to set up a ballroom village for those of us who write about our experiences with ballroom dancing and suggested we do guest posts on each other’s blogs.  I did one the other day and now here is hers.  If you aren’t regularly checking out her blog, you should be.  It is full of frustrations and triumphs but also full of hope and optimism and captures a lot of why dancing is so important to a lot of us.  You’ll become a fan and start rooting for her just like I do.  So here’s Stefanie:

Hello!  I’m Stefanie, AKA  The Biggest Girl In The Ballroom.  I “met” Diagonal Wall because I’m always on the hunt for blogs about…

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