Guest Blog Post By Ariana From Miari Dancewear: With Tips To Flatter Every Figure

Hello Dancers,


I discovered Stefanie’s Blog while researching what Ballroom Dance enthusiasts could read online.  I feel very excited to share my story and new projects with all of you!


My name is Ariana Probinsky, and I am the Creative Director and Co-owner of Miari Dancewear. I was a competitive Latin dancer for about 8 years and then moved to New York to study fashion at Parsons the New School for Design.  Upon entering fashion school, I had given up my love of dancing and made more room for my passion of design and contemporary fashion. I thought my connection to the ballroom world was finished once I entered the world of fashion…. Boy, was I wrong!


In 2012, I was introduced to Daria Chesnokova who was about to begin her partnership with World Champion, Slavik Kryklyvyy. They were going to dance a debut performance in Miami and Dasha needed three dresses for the show. Although extremely overwhelmed, I felt up for the challenge.  The three dresses were completed and worn, thus beginning my journey as a ballroom dancewear designer.




(Dasha now dances with Stefano DiFillipo and lives in Rome, Italy)


Two years later it is 2014, and I am working with several dance studios in New York City, and creating both custom competition pieces as well as developing a growing line of practicewear, MiariSport. Last month I added 5 new styles of practicewear to my collection. These pieces includes three dresses, one reversible skirt, and a pair of leggings!

exposedzipperedited _MG_0750banner photo2




Throughout my experiences of designing and sales, I have gotten to know all different types of men and women, and have learned what works best for different body types. Most women respond very positively to interesting asymmetry and organic lines of a piece.



For the Bigger Girls of the Ballroom:


  • Be mindful of what flatters your figure. I myself am guilty of this mistake. I often see a dress or style that is beautifully cut, very structured, and would only look good on a beanpole. It is easy to get swept away by the beauty of a dress, even though it’s construction was not meant for you. Find pieces that compliment your shape.


  • Flatter the waist.  Several styles of MiariSport practicewear have side seam gathering. This creates a more flattering look across the wearer’s midsection, hiding any uncomplimentary shapes. (Teresa Dress, Leanne Dress, Convertible Dress). Women of any size are often conscious of their waistline and extra ruching of fabric makes this area much more attractive.


  • Don’t hide behind a lot of fabric. A common mistake of fuller figures is wearing clothing that is too baggy or oversized. This can often make a figure appear even bigger. Often times the most flattering silhouette is to lightly hug one’s curves, (though not too tightly), and offset bigger areas with a trumpet skirt or a mermaid silhouette.


  • Less is more. When in doubt, go for simple. When opting for a showcase, competition dress, or something to wear out for dinner and drinks, simpler is always the more elegant choice. Pairing a simple solid color dress with a sparkly statement necklace, adding rhinestoned belt to accent the waist,  or hair accessory, or a sexy red lip can be the most confident look. This allows the viewer to have a focus point, the eye to be attracted to one point, and the rest of the eyeball to sweep across the natural beauty of you!


iskah edyta feathers

caption: Custom Dresses by Miari Dancewear



10 Facts about Miari Lovers

1. She is not a size zero.

2. She aspires to be elegant, both on and off the dance floor.

3. She is aware of her curves, and wants her clothing to flatter them.

4. She appreciates a classic, but is unafraid of being daring.

5. She is understated, but always manages to sparkle from the right places.

6. She does not sacrifice quality

7. She is mostly tasteful with a small bit of provocateur.

8. She knows that beauty does not always equal pain- great clothing can be comfortable!

9. She is confident in her style and taste.

10. A great dress makes her feel better, and thus, dance better.



Ballroom dance has changed for us, especially in recent years in America. Styles change, and trends come and go. Although we are no longer in the golden age of Fred and Ginger, our own standards of style have evolved within our dance culture. I look forward to designing and creating spectacular fusions that can only be had with both fascinating words of fashion and ballroom dancing!




Instagram: @miaridancewear


Amazon Store


Phone: (646) 660-1955


7 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post By Ariana From Miari Dancewear: With Tips To Flatter Every Figure

  1. Nena Tignini says:

    What a fun post about this beautiful designer. The pieces are gorgeous and how nice to have the practice pieces, too at a reasonable cost. All the tips are really great for finding the right dress.

  2. RO says:

    Love the dresses!

  3. Dresses here in pics are amazing And thank you so much for 10 Facts about Miari Lovers

  4. What an inspiration! Her dress and suede shoes are also fabulous!

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