A Request For You!

So I’ve been thinking, with all the changes going on in my dancing life recently, it might be time to change the name of my blog. After all, I don’t think that this statement is absolutely true that I’m the biggest girl in the ballroom, and I am certainly changing my body as it is getting smaller, and stronger, and more compact each and every day.
My request is that you share your ideas for what might be a new and improved name for my blog. What qualities do you see in me besides just being big? I really look forward to hearing from you.
If I choose the name you suggest, I will send you a $25 gift card and a book from my personal library that has moved me forward powerfully with an inscription just for you. Ready? Go!

11 thoughts on “A Request For You!

  1. Ballroom Transformations!

  2. Marian Condon says:

    Hmmmm. My former blog’s title, Ballroom Dancing, Personal Growth and Healing would be perfect. I will be honored, should you choose to rejuvenate it.

    Or, how ’bout Dancing Into Myself.

    Or, Cha Cha Changes.

    Or, Change of Weight.

    Or, Poised Forward or Forward Poise

    Or, Changing My Frame

  3. Sally Bryant says:

    I suggest “Ballroom (e)Motion by loveablestef”

  4. Stef–I would get away from the idea of size altogether—and get into the “heart” of what your blog is about—“Biggest Heart in the Ballroom.” Your blog is now about transformation–on many levels. So many people enter the ballroom dance world thinking it is about memorizing footwork, being pushed and pulled around the floor by a partner, and “looking good” as you compare yourself to others.” Even dancers who come from years in other dance disciples can have these false impressions of partnership dancing. You blog teaches the “inner game of tennis”—a very zen approach—to ballroom dancing. You have evolved, arrived, transcended, and you keep going, and sharing your elevated awareness as you progress through the higher levels of consciousness of the dance form. Susan P. was coaching me several years ago and taught me that what goes on in the partnership to create the effect is not what it looks like to s spectator sitting on the floor. She was right! There is an “inner zen” going on—filled with technique, training, sense of one’s own balance, since of one’s responsibilities to the balance of the partnership,what goes on in your heart, that all go into the end result. Irina S. coached me and taught me about how to view the competing dancers on the floor—-all there as one giving a performance—because at the end of the day you and your partner are competing against yourself, and how you danced yesterday. This is what “HEART” is all about. So I like “Biggest HEART in the Ballroom.” Wouldn’t change the rest of the name, since that has become your winning brand!

  5. Stef–I’ve enjoyed so much your sharing your journey! It has helped me immensely in my own journey. The truth is that we are all connected, and the insights you share as you progress elevate all of us in the ballroom! You have a great HEART.

  6. doucelumiere says:

    I was just going to say you should change it to “Biggest Heart in the Ballroom” but I see that someone already suggested it 😉 Anyways, it seems like you have such a loving heart for dance and for yourself with all the positive transformations you’re going through. I think it would be appropriate to have the name of your blog focus on how you’re growing – your passion, strength, energy, and life. Have fun picking a new name!

  7. I just found your blog based on searching for how to do spiral turns and it’s good to see you’ve kept it up-to-date. I say keep the original title. It’s what got you started and I think it’s worth owning up to. It marks your transformation. Big can mean big-hearted, big-spirited…. I think it says it exactly as is. Own it girl!!!! Be proud of where you got started and how it can inspire others to do so no matter what size you end up. I vote AS IS!!!!

  8. Dancing with a HEART… love how you are creating your life… Barbara x

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