9 thoughts on “Showcase Video

  1. P2P says:

    Love it! You make it look easy, light and playful here (which, ironically, is not at all easy to do). Also, props to the videographer.

  2. candyhodgkins says:

    WOW!!! You were amazing!!!

  3. That was lovely! And you like you’re having such fun!!!

  4. Awesome! I love your energy! Like others said, so fun and playful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. That was some sassy fringe! Fantastic!!

  6. Beautiful job, Stef! The classical ballet training shows in your body movement and lines—and it looks great! Plus, you can sell it to the audience! If this were an audition, you’d have it!

  7. Elise says:

    Lovely! You have a real genuine performer presence and energy that people can’t just learn to present to the world.

  8. Corinne Rao says:

    That’s not easy to do- sell a performance, but you did it- props to you fo that!

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