Ballroom Village

Hello Ballroom Village!

I have created a Facbook Page for us.

My vision is that it is a page where you can put a link to your latest blog posts so everything is consolidated and easy to find and share.

Here is the link for  Ballroom Village

I also believe you can just search for Ballroom Village on Facebook.

I’ve invited the very few of you I am friends with on Facebook. Many of our community write anonymously but I figure you could still follow the page and we’d be none the wiser about your true identity matching up with your online dance persona.

We need a cover photo. I was thinking we could change it every month to feature a different blog in the Village, or maybe someone could take on creating a design for it?

Please invite your readers to follow the page as well as any bloggers who you know in the Village. You can post links to your latest blog posts starting now.

I put a link to my latest post as well as Facing Diagonal Wall, Breast Cancer Ballroom Dancer, Full Tilt Diva and Girl With The Tree Tattoo. I will continue to add links to other Ballroom Villagers just to get us started. Then, after each new post you write, or if you find something dance related or inspirational that is apropos, share on the page.

I’m open to suggestions about how to grow and best utilize the page. I hope it continues to inspire expansion, connection, and communication among the Villagers as well as to expand our collective audience.

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