5 thoughts on “Motivate Me Interview

  1. Awesome, Stef! It’s wonderful to see you looking so vibrant. I’m still dancin, too. Life is good!

  2. P2P says:

    Well done! Enjoyed watching this 😊

  3. bgballroom says:

    Fantastic Stef! We just competed in the Senior III Worlds. Yep – Worlds.Loved being there, loved the experience. Results not important.

  4. Hello Stef…. how are you?

    I’ve put up another writing challenge… 2 years later from our last collaboration on our awakening journey… thought it would be nice to create part 3 to share how/where our own journey is going as our consciousness expands. You can check out the following post, I mention it at the bottom. Much love to you Stef x Barbara x http://memymagnificentself.com/2018/09/04/iam-thankful-for-the-light-and-my-awakening/

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