Good Little Blogger Part 2: DWTS The Results

Okay.  It’s been a long day.  But I’m committed (at least today!) and I want to see who survived this week on DWTS.

I’m going to attempt to watch and type at the same time – you know, kill two birds with one stone.  This is my third post today, plus I worked on two more for the topic specific series that will be forthcoming.  Today is my day off so I had some extra time and I’m a pretty fast writer, even if it does take some time to put these posts together and edit them and insert links and all that stuff.  It’s a commercial break right now.  Why am I watching them!  This girl needs to get some sleep at some point tonight and the show is on the DVR.  Time to press fast-forward.

That’s better.

Okay.  Here we go.

But first, just a comment about the Judge’s choice dance.  Man Derek can move those damn hips!  And I liked the kiss with Carrie Ann.

On the chopping block first are Gladys, Maria, and Melissa.  Wow.  Kind of shocked Melissa is safe.    Yes!  Gladys gets to stay for Motown week!

Dance Duels.  Hmmmm.  Not sure I like that the judges get to have the ultimate say in who gets kicked off. I don’t believe Len that the judges always make their decisions only on the quality of the dancing.  I’m skeptical.

Okay.  Now Train. I love seeing the professionals perform to the live music acts!  Who will it be tonight?

Cheryl and Louis faster than a hummingbird on crack cocaine.  Love Cheryl’s outfit.  OMG!  wish I were that sharp and fast!  Damn!  Good thing Inna taught us about Impact Musicality tonight…ha ha.  Even if I can’t execute it yet (or maybe ever…sigh).  Sweet!  They ended with the same move Ivan and I used in the Rumba.  That’s pretty cool….and they went about 10 inches lower to the ground than I ever did…but hey, I got a kiss on the belly and Cheryl didn’t.  lol.

Okay after the commercial break, it’s chat time with Brooke, Roshon, Gavin, William, and their pros.  Have you ever noticed she always does a weird thing with her lips when waiting to speak?

Now Macy’s Stars of Dance with Latin dances to Shelia E.  Very cool.  Capoeria plus Samba. Some serious, frantic, booty shaking with spread legs…looks pretty authentic, like right out of Rio. Then Salsa.  Love this song!  There is a lot of energy on that stage.  Wow.  Azucar!

Whew!  More commercials.

Now Selena Gomez in some very high heels and a tutu.  Dancing we have people I don’t know.  Not ballroom.  Must be people from her tour.  Not my cup of tea.  Oh! I want a sparkly microphone too!  I’ll make that a requirement when I perform on DWTS…that with a bowl of only green M&M’s.  Just kidding.  But the bedazzled microphone is still cool.  Maybe I can apply some rhinestones to my Rockband microphone….You know, I’m a legend in my living room.  🙂

Next on the guillotine is Donald and Peta (I seriously can’t believe Len gave them an 8), Mark and Catherine (I thought they’d get all 10’s), and William and Cheryl (masters of sexual tension).  Squirrel! (that’s a reference from the Pixar movie, Up!)  I just noticed Brooke’s outfit.  Love it.  She looks great.  Glad William is safe.  Glad Catherine is safe.  Glad Donald is safe.  Like the tense build up here!  Who is in the bottom two??

Woo!  Team Cheryl vs. Team Katrina and Team Tony vs. Team Lacy, and Team Mark vs. Team Louis.  LOVE the idea of the Ballroom Battle.  I can’t wait to see all that amazing dancing!

Ooh!  Good commercials.  I love that Target commercial with all the primary color people jumping out of a hotair balloon.  And, a preview for Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp.  I love that stupid show.  They did a revival of it in the 90’s and I was in high school.  It is about a vampire and it is heinously, horribly, cheesier than potatoes au gratin, and completely awesome.  I’m weird I know.  Ok, car commercial.  Time to fast-forward.  I’m doing pretty good keeping up with the show!  Go me!

Alright.  Gavin, Jaleel, Roshon.  We know two of the three are gonna Duel.  I hope Gavin survives.  He’s the worst dancer but the most charming personality of the three.  Karina farted!  LOL!  I guess it wasn’t that smelly if she had to tell Gavin about it.  I love how she coaches him to “get sexy.”  How does one do that in the middle of a dance, especially after their partner just ripped one?

Oh Roshon.  You survived.  I predict he will be in at least the semi-final, but I’m not a fan.

Okay.  The Duel….insert menacing music.

Jaleel is a little weird, no?  I have no idea what he was singing.  And that Mickey Mouse comment in a previous episode.  I think people might be having a hard time connecting with the guy.  I am.

I must say I respect Gavin more for practicing the night before at 11:32, and Jaleel less for complaining about being there at 8:47am the morning of.  Jaleel may be more inherently talented at dancing, but I like Gavin’s work ethic more.


Boy am I stinky after two dance lessons!  Must.  Shower.  TMI, Stef.  TMI.

Who would I save….Gavin!  But based on the quality of the dancing, Gavin is so gone. 😦

I actually feel like Gavin did more actual Cha Cha steps.  Kym and Jaleel did more filler, and less actual Cha Cha.  The world is so unfair!

Who are they going to save?

Oh wait.  First the obligatory moment of saying nice things to both stars.

One vote Jaleel.

One vote Jaleel.

It’s done.

Bruno, Jaleel too.



Peace!  This girl has to go to bed!