Fahren-Pink 109

Howdy readers!  This is Stefanie here in the italics.  I have a very special treat for you (and me) today!  As you know, I met The Spinning Dancer in person at Desert Classic!   (I’ve included the link to her fabulous blog here so do go check it out.  She is a very talented photographer as well as writer and you don’t want to miss her gorgeous photos of the event).  Anyways, we had an encounter, shall we say.  And, Miss Spinning Dancer is so completely awesome, I suggested we do guest blogs for one another.  She, being a red-haired rockstar, got me a post post-haste!  Enjoy!

Because I dye my hair red, often while perspiring, I will sweat pink. Pink, oh the many meanings that color has. Pink is the color of universal love and compassion. As the song goes, “Pink is my new obsession…Pink on the lips of your lover, ’cause Pink is the love you discover.” I already knew that I loved ballroom but for the first time to feel the love back, when I was awarded Top Solo at 2012 Des(s)ert Classic, was just as lovely as being wrapped up in pink cotton candy and if you can believe it, that feeling is second to the best feeling Pink has to offer, the Pink you feel when you meet a new friend.

Let is also be said for the record to show that Pink is also the color that your cheeks turn when you may have been completely and totally wrong.

After performing my two solo’s I settled in the ballroom to watch my friend Rick dance his rounds with Tina. I was taking pictures and couldn’t help but notice in between his rounds a familiar face, a fellow blogger. It was “Dancin’ with Stef” and there she was dancing (and really well) with Ivan. My first thought was I should go over and say hello, but then thought better of it because I thought, “Dude she’s in the middle of her rounds, she might be in competition mode, she may not appreciate an introduction now.” I chose to watch and smile as they danced to give them a little of the pink.

After her round, to my surprise she came over to me, introduced herself and she was lovely. We had such a lovely chat in fact, she may have forgotten that she had to go dance another round. But Ivan called her over and she was on the floor in a flash. High off of the feeling of meeting a new kindred spirit, I cheered. I cheered LOUD. REALLY LOUD. So everyone could hear! “GO STEF! WHOOOOOO! GO COUPLE 109!!!” Maybe Ivan heard me or it was just that AMAZING cosmic timing I have, because without missing a beat (and I’m sure he never has), Ivan turned around to reveal the number perfectly placed on his back, 190. Whoops…



The temperature that the human body starts to perspire is between 75-80 degrees F, it just got hotter then Hades exactly where I was sitting in the air conditioned ballroom and the pink sweat started to trickle down the back of my neck. Thinking, maybe she didn’t hear it, I debated not mentioning it, ever. But she did hear it, I owned up to my dyslexic mistake and we laughed and laughed about. Pink cheeks flushed the whole time.
So to finish the song… “Pink gets me high as a kite, And I think everything is going to be all right, No matter what we do tonight.”

Photo captured by The Spinning Dancer of me and Ivan